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Comedian Adrian Beltre just had to mimic Jurickson Profar's full-extension split at first base

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre, a national treasure we'll all miss whenever he decides to retire, was so moved by teammate Jurickson Profar's defensive attempt during Tuesday's game with the Yankees that he imitated said effort during the replay review as a token of reverence. 

Here's a look at Profar's original play, which didn't actually wind up counting since the original "out" call was overturned after a Yankees challenge, as well as Beltre's beautiful tribute:


As good as Beltre is on the field, his personality traits elevate him to a cult-like hero around the league. Whether through his quick reactions to wild pitchesbusting a move on the basepaths or giving his teammate and good pal Elvis Andrus a hard time in the dugout, Beltre is doing what he can to bring some fun to the game on a daily basis, and for that, he deserves all the love we can give.