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Catcher Chris Gimenez reminds everyone of his 0.00 ERA, reveals the secret to Cole Hamels' hair

In 2014, Rangers catcher Chris Gimenez pitched a perfect inning, and according to the Reddit AMA he did on Wednesday, he has no problem reminding people of that:

What was it like striking out C.J. Cron?

Let's put it this way: I'm not afraid to let any of our pitchers know that I have a 0 ERA and I can strike guys out too! I did keep the ball from that strikeout because I hope that never has to happen again! I'm going to try to get Cron to sign that ball, too.

That's not all Gimenez talked about. We already knew that he spent his mound visits with Cole Hamels chatting about the pitcher's magnificent hair, but now we know what, exactly, makes that hair so magnificent:

What do you talk about on your mound visits?

Last year I asked Cole what he does to make his hair so nice since I don't have any! I'm not kidding either! I do that so for a split second [and] it gets the pitcher to stop thinking about what he is doing wrong and get re-focused.

That's awesome. Thanks for answering. And what does Cole do to keep his hair so nice?

Coconut oil!!!

You can read the entire thing here, and you should, especially if you want to find out which Ranger is the worst shower singer and how difficult it really is to touch Adrian Beltre's head.