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Adorable fan gets foul ball, throws ball away, gets autographed ball

Having a catch with dad. Playing pick-up games in the backyard. Accidentally breaking a window after your parents told you to come inside. As a kid, we're taught that getting a baseball means one thing: throwing it. So when one young Rangers fan named Grayson got her hands on a Mitch Moreland foul ball during Sunday's Angels-Rangers game, she wasn't about to blow her big chance ... even if it came at the expense of a souvenir and her dad's sanity:


Sure, the end result was unfortunate, but we'd like to take a moment to admire Grayson's enthusiasm and form on that throw -- that's at least a 50-grade fastball, with some upside. And, thanks to the Rangers, there was a happy ending -- in the form of an autographed baseball:

Soon after the above video concluded, Grayson turned and fired the ball ove-- no, just kidding.