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Rangers provide support for victims of West and Boston disasters

The Rangers' first game back home after a seven-day road trip came on the Friday after two major tragedies. First was the horrific terrorist attack in Boston, followed by a major explosion just about an hour south of the DFW metroplex on Wednesday night in the town of West, Texas.

More than a hundred were injured in the fertilizer plant disaster. Throughout this homestand, the Rangers will be collecting donations for the victims of West. Items being accepted include blankets, water bottles, diapers, gift cards for grocery stores or home supply stores, all sizes of clothing, bedding, toiletries, sports drinks, non-perishable food items and dog and cat food.

The Rangers have also provided support for the city and victims in Boston. During the middle of the 4th inning, the Rangers played "Sweet Caroline" with all the fans in the ballpark singing along.

-- Austin McLaurin / Real-Time Correspondent

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