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The Rangers took out an ad in a Japanese newspaper to thank Yu Darvish

It's not unusual for a beloved player to take out an ad in his old team's city newspaper to thank the fans for their years of support. Yu Darvish did it after being dealt from the Rangers -- the only Major League team he had ever known -- to the Dodgers. 

While players often give their thanks, you don't often see teams do it -- especially after trading a player. The Rangers bucked those trends, though. The team took out a full-page ad in the Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan's national daily paper. You can check it out below (click here for full-size):


Here's the translation if you don't speak Japanese: 

"To Yu Darvish

In Appreciation for your dedication to hard work and many accomplishments

Since 2012

Thank you for an All-Star performance

From your Texas Rangers family"

It's a fitting tribute for the fan favorite and ace who fronted the Rangers staff for the last half-decade.