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The Rangers unveiled a tamale hot dog for the postseason, and it is marvelous

Photo via Tommy Noel on Twitter

In the postseason, every pitch counts -- a 162-game marathon becomes a sprint to the finish line, with no time for slumps and no margin for error. Everybody, from the ace of the rotation to the pinch-running specialist, has to find another level.

Apparently, the Rangers believe this also extends to the realm of ballpark concessions. On Monday, the team announced that it had a new food lineup for October. But this wasn't just any food lineup. This was a menu meant for greatness, whose crown jewel goes where no hot dog has dared gone before. Behold, the TamArlington Dog:

Yes, that is a hot dog stuffed in tamale (a Mexican dish made from masa, a dough similar to cornmeal). The chili, the cheese, the nod to Tex-Mex heritage, the inevitable "Is a tamale a sandwich?" thinkpieces -- this is a foodstuff that truly has it all. Now if you'll excuse us, we have flights to Arlington we need to book.