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Help us rank the most iconic World Series moments between the Yankees and Dodgers

New York completed its unlikely run to the AL pennant with a XXX win over Houston on Friday night, which means that the 2017 World Series is now officially set: Game 1 between the Yankees and Dodgers will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 24, at Dodger Stadium. 

Of course, this is hardly the first time these two franchises have met in the Fall Classic. The Yankees and Dodgers have played for it all a whopping 11 times -- seven between New York and Brooklyn, four between New York and L.A. -- producing some of the game's most iconic moments along the way.

Which is what brings us here today: We need your help deciding just which Yankees-Dodgers moment is the very best. Jackie Robinson's steal of home or Don Larsen's perfect game? Reggie's three homers or "Who's a Bum?"? Simply click the up arrows below to choose the perfect ranking and make your voice heard.