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Rank the best throwback uniforms MLB teams wore Wednesday for Turn Back the Clock

If you woke up on Wednesday, flipped on a game and thought, "Wait a second, is my bed a time machine?!" there's good reason for that: Eight MLB teams turned back the clock by wearing retro uniforms for their games.

Now we look to you, the humble reader, to help us rank your favorite of the eight uniforms worn on this fine summer day. And if you want to know more about the looks, then follow along after the Ranker. If you want to own any of these fine threads, you can do that, too. 

To celebrate Ken Griffey Jr's entrance into the Hall of Fame this weekend, the Reds went with the vest-style pinstriped jersey that they wore in 1999 and 2000 (the pinstripe look they wore in the 90s didn't have the black drop shadow on the team logo).


The Braves went with a style they wore for a handful of seasons from 1968-71, including their NL West title year in '69. That year saw Hank Aaron have one of his greatest seasons: At the age of 35, Aaron hit .300 with 44 homers. description

The Reds ended up beating the Braves,6-3, led by Joey Votto's homer-and-two-RBI day.

The Cubs and Mets had a battle of the '80s. The Mets wore their gray uniforms with blue-and-orange piping that they rocked from 1982-86. (While they would keep the piping, the next year featured a new script of "New York" followed by a block letter "New York" the year after.) 

Meanwhile the Cubs wore the pullover pinstripes from 1979-89. It's a jersey that made it to two NLCS. 

And Anthony Rizzo certainly looked good in it, homering twice en route to a 6-2 Cubs win

The Red Sox went up against the Giants with the classic pullover look that the team wore from 1972-78, with players like Jim Rice, Carlton Fisk and Fred Lynn making it look so sharp. However, if you notice the sharp star patch on the sleeve, it's the 1976 bicentennial jersey they were wearing. 


Maybe you can see it better on this Hanley Ramirez homer, his third of the night:

The Giants countered with the orange tops they wore from 1978-82.

San Francisco Giants v Boston Red Sox : News Photo

In those years, the team was managed by Frank Robinson and featured an aging Joe Morgan at second base. Oh yeah, and a guy who literally has a cove named after him in Willie McCovey. 


The Sox ended up winning the slugfest, 11-7.

The evening of time travel ended when the Angels and Rangers squared off in Anaheim. The Rangers traveled back with the shirt that Nolan Ryan rocked at the end of his career -- the block letter jersey from 1986-93:


Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim : News Photo

While the Angels went with a uniform they wore longer than any other team on this day of throwbacks. The team wore the pullover Angels top from 1973-88, which means, yup, Nolan Ryan wore this one, too. 


Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim : News Photo

The Halos, with the help of defensive genius Andrelton Simmons, won the game, 7-4.