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The Red Sox and Rays waged a battle to see whose outfield had the greatest postgame celebration

Big league celebrations come in all shapes, sizes and shenanigans -- there are secret hand signals, secret handshakes, and even a truly alarming amount of chocolate syrup.

But among all the merriment, one question remained: What about the outfielders? The three positions form their own little fraternity out beyond the infield, and they come together after a win before joining the rest of their teammates -- and yet, for years, the outfield celebration has remained woefully tame. Sure, there's the occasional hip bump, but where's the creativity? The panache? This is the big leagues after all, and it demands big league antics.

And so, on Wednesday night, the Rays and Red Sox decided to valiantly step into that void. First, after their win in Toronto, Tampa's outfield crew played a quick round of everyone's maddeningly inconclusive game: rock, paper, scissors.


Seeing that the gauntlet had been laid down, Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Brock Holt refused to be outdone. After nailing down a victory in Kansas City, they amended their usual "Hit Dem Folks" dance to include a quick Mookie photo:

Red Sox

Two different approaches to the outfield celebration, but the same level of creative whimsy. There's just one more thing to do: Choose a winner. So, Rays or Red Sox, who ya got? Let us know in the comments.