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Rays first-base coach George Kendrick (almost) shagged flies of Ben Zobrist's bike

And on the 38th day of spring training, Rays first-base coach George Hendrick gave his feet a rest. Toward the end of Thursday's workout, Hendrick -- a bit tired after another morning of standing -- found a spunky white bicycle near the clubhouse and wheeled himself to the outfield with the intention of shagging fly balls on wheels.

Unfortunately, he found it harder to pedal on grass than he expected, and didn't want to create a distraction for Matt Moore, who was throwing a simulated game. So he propped the bike up on its kickstand in the outfield as he chatted with bench coach Dave Martinez.

The bike, which belongs to Ben Zobrist, was no worse for the wear. After the game, the Rays utility man put on his helmet and rode back home.

--Dave Haller / Real-Time Correspondent