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Recognize this Astros usher? Then you must really love ‘Major League’

Fans in Section 122 at Minute Maid Park can count on usher Ed Wehnau if they need help finding their seats or directions to a different area of the stadium. Or if they need an answer to any question about "Major League."

Why? Because he was an extra in it.

"I was in the Air Force, stationed at Davis-Monthan [AFB],” Wehnau said. "A bunch of us played softball, and we all got to go take part in the three days of filming in Tucson. Actually, the third day I got to have my son in as a batboy in the movie."

Wehnau can be seen during scenes of the Indians' Spring Training workouts, including during the movie’s opening scene when Willie Mays Hayes joins the team in sprints while wearing his pajamas.

Wehnau also had an encounter with Charlie "Wild Thing" Sheen. Following the scene when Sheen knocks the head off of a metal batter figure, the actor went back to the clubhouse to ice his arm. Ed was there, and offered to grab Charlie a hot dog for lunch.

"He asked 'Give me a baseball off the side of the table,' and he autographed it for me," Wehnau said. "So, I have a ‘Charlie Sheen, No. 99,’ baseball from during production."

It seems appropriate that Wehnau would continue his ties to baseball after appearing in the film.

"I played softball my entire 20-year career," he said. "I pitched, played outfield and also first base. This seemed like a natural transition when I had the chance to work here. I started three years ago, and I’ve loved every minute of it."

--  Rachel Frey / Real-Time Correspondent

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