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Red Sox ballgirl springs into action, snares screaming liner with ease

In a given baseball game, some great moments take place on the diamond -- but sometimes they also take place in foul territory, and on plays that don't even affect the outcome of the contest at hand. Just note the A's ballboy's heroics earlier this season for a recent example. 

In the Red Sox' 6-4 win over the Blue Jays on Saturday, one of those situations developed when Toronto's Michael Saunders slapped a line drive foul. The Sox' ballgirl, positioned as always right along the box seats past third base, flashed some leather with a very impressive grab of the line drive.


Much like how first basemen tend to have better luck with pick-off attempts if they're left-handed, it's worth considering whether she'd have been able to make this play were she not a southpaw. It's ultimately irrelevant, obviously, since she handled this moment like a pro.