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Red Sox fans want A-Rod, get A-Rod, proceed to boo A-Rod

On Tuesday night, Red Sox fans chanted -- loudly -- in favor of an appearance by Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees slugger is slated to officially retire after Friday's game against the Rays in the Bronx, so the Fenway Faithful were eager for one last chance to see him in person.

Despite their enthusiasm, it didn't happen. Wednesday night's game, though? That's another story entirely.

In this one, Sox fans got their wish: A-Rod strode to the plate in the seventh for a pinch-hitting appearance, which was of course filled with boos (and cheers from the omnipresent Yankees fans): 

Rodriguez flied out, but the Yankees turned the tables in the inning, scoring five runs to turn a 4-1 deficit into a 6-4 lead, en route to a 9-4 win