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Red Sox giving tickets to people who shovel snow off Boston's fire hydrants

Red Sox giving tix to people shoveling fire hydrants

It might be Spring Training time in Florida and Arizona, but it is definitely still winter in Boston, where they've gotten so much snow that they're measuring it in David Ortiz-es.

That amount of snow can create all sorts of problems for mass transit and city infrastructure, especially if there's a fire and all of the hydrants are buried beneath mountains of powder. With that in mind, the Red Sox have partnered with Only in Boston and The Boston Calendar to give a pair of tickets to anyone who shovels out five city fire hydrants.

The details are simple: Take a "before" selfie of yourself and the hidden hydrant, shovel it out (making sure to clear three feet around it while leaving a path to the street), then take an "after" selfie. Repeat that process for a total of five city hydrants, send the results to OnlyinBOS[at]gmail[dot]com, and you've got yourself a pair of tickets to a 2015 Red Sox game.

And until then, you'll just have to live with the satisfaction of having helped your community in its time of need.

The promotion continues through 3 p.m. ET on Wednesday, so get those shovels and make the most of your snow day.

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