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Red Sox throw Wally a marvelous, star-studded mascot party for his birthday

On Sunday, the Red Sox toasted Wally the Green Monster with a lovely birthday celebration prior to Boston's series finale with the Astros at Fenway Park. 

As this was a grand affair, many of Wally's high-profile mascot buddies were invited to the bash, along with his family. Mascot-wise, the pregame festivities were attended by T.C. of the Twins, Billy the Marlin, Fredbird, the Swinging Friar and even Blades the Bruin. 


They all gathered together to show Wally a good time and present him with a customized cake complete with its own mini-Wally at the top. 

This was probably the best mascot-related on-field party we've seen since the Phanatic's last season, which featured things like... well, this: