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Reds ballboy ventures all the way out into left field for impressive over-the-shoulder grab

Sure, the life of a ballboy may seem a glamorous one -- getting paid to sit out in the sun, watch a ballgame and dole out some souvenirs sounds like decent work if you can get it.

But it's not all fun, games and mistakenly giving away home run balls. The ballboys and ballgirls of America must answer to a higher calling: Sworn to protect the citizenry, they stand ever-vigilant, ready to chase down any threat that may come their way. It's a duty they approach with the utmost seriousness. 

Just take this Reds ballboy, who was willing to go above and beyond to snag a grounder during Wednesday's Cubs-Reds game. Sure, he appears harmless enough, sitting out there with his stool and his batting helmet. But when danger approaches, HE STRIKES:

Reds ballboy

The anticipation of the carom, the speed, the willful disregard for protective headwear. Cincinnati may sleep safely tonight, knowing that no stray foul ball will do them harm. In the meantime, our hero will be waiting ... and watching:

Batman gif