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Reds fan builds elaborate beachfront model of Great American Ball Park ... out of sand

Photo: @rmhans

On Friday, Reds fan Ryan Hans decided that 94 days was just far too long to wait for the return of baseball to his beloved Great American Ball Park. So, rather than sit idly by, counting the days off his calendar, Hans decided to do something about it.

He found some sand down in sunny Naples, Fla., and he started to dig. Next thing he knew:

Other than the badminton racquets, that's a pretty spot on sandcastle rendition of Great American Ball Park. And, it has the added value of being built with a beautiful ocean view.

But this model wasn't Hans' first foray into the sandcastle construction business. The day before, he managed to build this highly stylized version of Great American Ball Park and included the Cincinnati skyline and Reds logo:

They're wonderful models, but have they brought baseball season any closer? Well, it worked for this guy: