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Reds pitcher Jon Moscot once gave up seven home runs to, um, Rob Schneider

By all accounts, the Reds' Jon Moscot is a good pitcher. He's the 24th-ranked prospect in Cincinnati's system, he tallied 19 wins and a 3.67 ERA in parts of four Minor League seasons and he's cemented himself on the big club's 2016 starting rotation.

But, as you can learn in the main clip above, a younger Moscot once gave up seven home runs to Rob Schneider in the 2006 movie "The Benchwarmers."

"It doesn't even feel like it's me. It's hilarious. I see myself giving up all these home runs."

A cool little tidbit for sure, but remember, although he's struck out stars such as Kris Bryant and Matt Kemp -- he allowed a bunch of dingers to this guy: