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Watch Robinson Cano raise the 12th Man flag at Sunday's Seahawks game

Before every home game, the Seattle Seahawks invite a hometown icon to climb to the top of CenturyLink Field and partake in one of football's greatest traditions: the raising of the 12th Man flag, symbolizing the role Seattle fans play in their team's success. 
The list of past 12th Men (and Women) is a who's who of the Pacific Northwest: Gary Payton, Edgar Martinez, the Big Unit, even the one and only Sir Mix-a-Lot. And, prior to Sunday's game against the Eagles, Robinson Cano added his name to the group -- because while he's only called Seattle home since 2014, hitting 74 dingers will endear you to the home crowd.

He even got to hang out with Blitz, the Seattle mascot: 

"Look on my stadium, ye mighty, and despair" -- Robinson Cano, probably:

As for his actual flag-raising skills, well, he's an All-Star at that too.

And, lest you think he was just here to raise a flag, Cano's living and dying and tweeting with every Seattle touchdown: