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American hero Lew Dunlap grew up watching Stan Musial, thinks Larry Walker belongs in HOF

Lew Dunlap's credentials as an American hero are aplenty, but you probably know him as the 89-year-old phenom who briefly charged the mound during Rockies Fantasy Camp last season:


Lew returned to Rockies Fantasy Camp this week to take some cuts, defend his title and make an appeal for potential pitchers to come out and join the fun next season. He was kind enough to sit down with us -- as seen in the video up top -- between stretching and terrorizing opposing pitching so that he could tell us a little bit about himself, and why he loves Todd Helton.

Being a man of the people, Lew was also kind enough to field some questions from Rockies fans on Twitter. He talked about his first job (which he started in 1940 or so), his Hall of Fame hopes for Helton and fellow former Rockie Larry Walker and what it was like to grow up watching Stan Musial play: