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Rockies 2015 Draft pick makes absolutely unreal diving catch in center field

Rockies 2015 Draft pick makes unreal diving catch

The Rockies drafted outfielder Bobby Stahel in the 20th round of the 2015 MLB Draft out of the University of Southern California. Stahel was soon dispatched to the Grand Junction Rockies, which is not a Saturday afternoon educational television program starring a puppet conductor and a bunch of talking trains, but is a Rockies' Rookie League affiliate in a town on the Colorado-Utah border (about a 10-hour drive west of Denver).

Stahel's held his own at the Rookie level, hitting to a .288 average with five triples in 48 games. On Wednesday, Stahel put those legs to use in the field, tracking down a fly ball in left-center and going totally horizontal to make an unreal diving catch:

If he'd have been wearing a cape, Zac Snyder could have edited that footage into Batman vs. Superman and nobody would have been the wiser. You can check out that full footage below:

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