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The Royals know how to celebrate an ALCS clinch, and Statcast has the data to prove it

If you want to know how the Royals made it to their second World Series in a row, all you have to do is look at the numbers -- like Lorenzo Cain's 10.5-second, 20.7-mph video game-esque sprint from first to home, for example. If you want to know how the Royals celebrated their second World Series appearance in a row, well, there are numbers for that, too.

Just as it was when the Mets clinched the NLCS, Statcast ™ was there at Kauffman Stadium collecting all the need-to-know data on the Royals' jubilation. Indulge your inner wonk. 

Nearly matching his run-scoring speed, Cain won the race of the outfielders with a top speed of 18.3 mph as he hurled himself in from center field. 

Salvador Perez and Ben Zobrist reached the mound with speeds that, had there not been a mob of their euphoric teammates in between, could've resulted in a collision of stellar proportions -- Perez reached the mound at a top speed of 13.8 mph and Zobrist's blistering 16.2 mph was an infield best.


It just goes to show: nothing brings out the hustle like a trip to the World Series. 

The only thing left a mystery is George Brett's pop time.