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Royals ballboy fields fair ball, immediately learns his lesson

Ballboy fields ball, learns lesson for next time

This Kauffman Stadium ballboy had a rough Sunday at the office patroling the right-field line for the Royals. Yankees second baseman Brian Roberts lined a ball just inside first base and into the right-field corner. Nori Aoki navigates over to make the play, but isn't quick enough to stop the ballboy from snagging the ball and handing it to a lucky fan.

Royals Ballboy 1

Roberts was awarded a ground-rule double on the play but did not come around the score.

To his credit, the ballboy learned his lesson rather quickly, as a similar (but foul) ball came his way just an inning later and the kid barely even blinked, waiting to know for sure that the ball wasn't in play.

Royals Ballboy 2

Ya live and ya learn, right?