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Royals fans are so excited about Johnny Cueto that they're already making their own shirseys

Royals fan already rockin' homemade Cueto shirt

While the rest of us were slowly getting around to enjoying a lazy Sunday -- what with 15 MLB games on the docket and an afternoon broadcast of the 2015 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, there wasn't much reason to leave the couch -- the Royals were busy making moves.

Specifically, they were busy trading for Reds ace Johnny Cueto.

While the exact moment that the trade became official is not immediately clear, what is clear is that it took mere moments later for the diehard Royals fanbase to adopt Cueto as one of their own. The Royals were hosting Carlos Correa and the Astros for the matinee at Kauffman Stadium and at least one young Royals supporter was rocking a customized Johnny Cueto shirsey:


Yeah, we're gonna go ahead and guess that it won't be long before the real deal is available down at The K and there's a whole section of folks lookin' like they called each other to coordinate outfits before showing up for the game.

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