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With help from the Infield Fly Rule, the Royals turned a very strange 1-2 double play

Royals turn odd 1-2 double play with Infield Fly Rule

The Royals can't seem to do anything wrong at the moment. Whether they're artfully integrating rap lyrics into their postgame interviews, hosting epic hot dog races, inspiring the birth of hundreds of children or winning 10 of their last 12 games, things seem to just work themselves out.

Such was the case on Wednesday when the bases were loaded with Reds in the fifth inning as the Royals led, 4-3. With just one out, relief pitcher Luke Hochevar induced a Jay Bruce pop up into the airspace just in front of home plate.

Hochevar and first baseman Eric Hosmer suffered from a classic failure to communicate and accidentally allowed the ball to drop. Which wouldn't have mattered -- Jay Bruce was called out on the Infield Fly Rule -- except that Reds outfielder Jason Bourgeois didn't heed the rule's "advance at your own risk" warning and strayed too far off third base.

Hochevar picked up the ball and threw to Drew Butera, who tagged Bourgeois out to complete one of the strangest 1-2 double plays you ever did see. They went on to win, 4-3.

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