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Russell Martin either forgot the number of outs or he was really confident in Daniel Norris

In the bottom of the fourth inning of Thursday's Blue Jays-Yankees matchup, Jays pitcher Daniel Norris struck out Chase Headley looking. Catcher Russell Martin then stood up, turned to his left and walked off toward the dugout.

Problem: It was only the second out of the inning.


Another problem: The Yankees had runners on second and third. Not exactly the best time for a catcher to abandon his post.

Norris scrambled to cover home plate, lest Alex Rodriguez at third should choose to take advantage of a memory-lapsed Martin. It all turned out OK in the end: The runners stayed where they were, Martin returned to his place behind the plate and Norris got a pop-out from Chris Young to end the inning for real.

But maybe Martin didn't actually forget the number of outs, and was instead stomping off to the dugout as a mic-drop to emphasize his young pitcher's fifth strikeout of the evening. It was just Norris' second career start, after all, and what would become his first MLB win. Maybe it was Martin's elder-brotherly way of saying "Yeah, that's right, this guy can deal. We don't even need to play the next at-bat, it's going to be an out."

In that case, Martin's move was really dang cool.