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Ruth, Boggs, Damon and now ... can the Yanks yank Youk?

Sports rivalries are intense, and no teams have ever had a more heated competition than the Yankees and Red Sox. From Zimmer to Pedro, and Karim Garcia (who?) to the Curse of the Bambino, the two AL East squads have provided provided some fireworks over the years.

As a fan, you're either for the Yanks or Sox. There's no in-between. But the same hasn't always held true for players, who've switched sides numerous times in the past.

The Babe was probably the most famous Boston-to-New York example back in 1922. Wade Boggs made the same trip in '93. More recent examples include Johnny Damon, Mark Bellhorn and Derek Lowe -- all players who were part of that wild 2004 ALCS before eventually joining the Bombers.

And now, Kevin Youkilis, another prominent Sox player of yesteryear, has been offered a one-year, $12 million contract to play in the Bronx.

Most players who've made the move have played well in their new threads, but will Youk actually accept? If he does, it'll definitely be an interesting sight. The one downside? He'll probably have to shave that beautiful goatee.

-- Matt Monagan /


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