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Ryan Braun saves tiny Reds fan from accidentally tossing away the souvenir he gave him

Young Reds fan loses souvenir, Ryan Braun tosses back

Ryan Braun caught a fly ball near the wall in left to end the bottom of the second inning of Sunday's Reds-Brewers game, and evidently well-versed in the Grand Unifying Theory of Souvenirs (read: just give it to the cute little kid) he knew exactly what to do. 

Unfortunately, the cute little kid in question was not on the same page:

Braun fan toss

Luckily, Braun trotted back out and tossed the ball back, and the young fan's dad made sure that thing wasn't going anywhere any time soon. 

But maybe we've got it all wrong. Maybe the kid was a young Gordon Gekko in disguise and he was merely beginning the souvenir negotiations. Sure, Braun generously offered a foul ball, but he was just about to cave and give up some batting gloves (or would have if the adults hadn't stepped in).