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Ryan Zimmerman added to his long tally of Nationals Park records with a monster homer

Few active players are as entrenched in his team's history as much as Ryan Zimmerman is with the Nationals. He was their first Draft pick after moving to Washington in 2005, and he's been in the Majors for 13 years now, all in D.C. The team has never played a game without him involved in the organization in some capacity.

Zimmerman even predates his home park, as Nationals Park was not finished until 2008. As a result, he owns just about every offensive record there -- hits (601), doubles (117), homers (87), you name it. He also has plenty of fun achievements related to Nats Park, and he added to that list during Sunday's 5-3 loss to the Mets by crushing a 470-foot blast, the stadium's longest in the Statcast era.


Making Nats Park history is old hat for the 32-year-old Zimmerman. Back when the park opened on March 30, 2008, he checked off two stadium milestones with one swing. The very first Nationals homer at Nats Park was a walk-off blast by Zimmerman against the Braves' Peter Moylan.

It was fitting that Zimmerman's first homer there was of the walk-off variety. Only a small group of players in Major League history have ended games with long balls as much as Zimmerman, who has pulled off the feat 10 times. Seven of those have come at Nationals Park, another stadium record. Some of the game's finest relievers of the past decade have struggled with Zimmerman, from Brad Lidge ...

... to Andrew Miller.

With Zimmerman red hot and in the middle of a "Ryanaissance," it sure seems like the fond memories of Zim aren't over yet for Nationals fans.