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Ryan Zimmerman strikes out, tries to pretend the inning is over

Ryan Zimmerman strikes out, thinks inning is over

Striking out is no fun. It's something that happens hundreds upon hundreds of times in MLB every season, but still -- being denied even the chance to run to first base is something no player enjoys. Striking out can make you wish that the inning would end right there and then, just so you could put it all behind you.

Right, Ryan Zimmerman?


When Cole Hamels struck Zimmerman out for the second out of the fourth inning during Thursday's Nationals-Phillies game, the Nats first baseman tossed his bat and gloves as if the inning was finished. Perhaps it was an attempt at wish-fulfillment; if he pretended the inning was over, it would be. Or maybe he just lost track of the number of outs.

Either way, when that happens, all you can do is pick up your bat and walk stoically back to the dugout.


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