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Rymer Liriano tries to advance from first to third on error, eats it

Rymer Liriano eats it between second and third

Major League Baseball features some of the most graceful athletes in professional sports. The way outfielders choreograph their leaps to rob home runs and the way baserunners evade tags by tip-toeing and barrel-rolling is truly art in motion ...

That is, until Rymer Liriano tries to move from first to third on an error and eats it in the basepath:


D-backs hurler Zeke Spruill tried to catch Lirano sleeping at first base, but the pickoff attempt sailed down toward the right-field corner. When Liriano tried to hustle to third on the play, he blew a tire and was forced to retreat to second base.

*Sad trombone noise goes here*

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