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The SF and NYC mayors bet civic pride and Willie Mays jerseys for the Wild Card Game

When the Giants and the Mets face off tonight in Citi Field, it will not just be a battle of baseball teams, but of civic pride. Silicon Valley vs Wall Street. Burritos vs. Pizza. Seinfeld vs. Full House. And now the mayors are jumping in. 

After San Francisco mayor Ed Lee voiced his support for the Giants: 

New York mayor Bill de Blasio decided to start talking some trash: 

The food fight soon begun as Lee then turned to the rainbow bagels that are infecting New York: 

Refusing to back down, de Blasio put his money where his mouth quite literally is: He bet that if the Mets lost, he'd send the rainbow concoction to the bay: 

Lee then countered with coffee: 

But that wasn't enough. de Blasio took it up another level with some expert Photoshop work: The loser would wear the winner's version of a Willie Mays jersey: 

Lee was happy to accept: 

If getting our municipal leaders to wear baseball jerseys is wrong, I don't want to be right.