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Giants catcher Andrew Susac banks a single off of the ... umpire?

Giants catcher Hits a single off of the umpire

When your team has already clinched a postseason berth heading into a game, sometimes you just want to have a little fun, like hitting a trick shot off the ump. 

In the bottom of the seventh inning of Thursday's Giants-Padres matchup, Andrew Susac tried to check his swing but instead sent a ball flying down the first-base line -- meeting umpire Eric Cooper's right knee and ricocheting into play.


The ball was called fair and both Susac and second baseman Joe Panik made it safe to first and second, respectively. Susac's pinball single kick-started a Giants rally past the Padres and they won the game 9-8.  

And now, for good measure, here's Susac's bank shot slowed down:


Hey, you gotta take a hit any way you can get it. 

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