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Sandy Leon alley ooped his catcher's mask to the home plate umpire

It's clear that Sandy Leon develops a strong, nearly instantaneous rapport with the home plate umpires he squats in front of during games. How else could they read his mind so easily?

Leon has a habit of jettisoning his catcher's mask when chasing down foul popups behind the plate, and home plate umpires have a habit of being in the perfect position to pluck it out of midair. It happened at least twice during the regular season, and when Rajai Davis popped a pitch up high in the bottom of the first inning of the Red Sox's 6-0 loss to the Indians in ALDS Game 2, it happened again.


The umpire, if you're wondering, was Phil Cuzzi, and this was not his first time working with Leon:

Hey, you never know when you'll be watching tense October baseball and a middle school talent show will break out.

Tune in to see if Leon and the home plate ump will take their talents to ALDS Game 3 on Monday at 6 p.m. ET on TBS.