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Get into the holiday spirit with Santa Claus' best appearances at MLB ballparks

Here are all Santa's best ballpark cameos

Santa Claus and his elves (and the reindeer, too) live up at the North Pole, where they operate a gigantic toy factory and keep track of who's been naughty and who's been nice each and every year. Everyone knows this.

But, much like the rest of us, Santa needs a break every once in a while. And, much like the rest of us, he usually chooses to spend that break taking in a ballgame. On Christmas, check out some of Santa's most entertaining stadium appearances in recent memory:

He threw a first pitch for the Tigers

We'll excuse Santa's inaccuracy here, as it had to be tough to focus on the parameters of the strike zone with his arch enemy -- the Grinch -- breathing down his neck.

He caught a first pitch for the Tigers ... from sad Jack White

Detroit native Jack White went on a gloomy tour of America's biggest baseball institutions back in 2014, and stopped by Comerica Park to celebrate Christmas in July. White threw out a ceremonial first pitch to Ol Saint Nick, who used some solid catching mechanics to keep the ball in front of him (and to ostensibly prevent the runners from advancing).

He cut a rug with the Phillie Phanatic

Santa's known for making a list, checking said list twice, eating milk and cookies and committing B&E through fireplaces, but who knew he he could break it down like the Phanatic? In 2014, Santa stopped by Citizens Bank Park to celebrate Christmas in July and offered his best version of the Phanatic's iconic belly shake.

He threw a first pitch for the White Sox

His pitching appearance for the White Sox didn't go much better than his toss for the Tigers, but it's hard to fault a guy who's struggling with his command while wearing such a heavy suit and a massive belt out on the mound.

Even Santa gets thirsty sometimes

Santa went for the casual look a few years back when he spent a day off taking in an Orioles game and enjoying a cold one or two. Sounds like Kris Kringle knows exactly how to relax on a hot summer day.

That time he lent his suit to Baxter

The Big Guy must have been at Chase Field back in July of 2013 because he lent his iconic suit to the D-backs' mascot, Baxter. Like Tim Allen before him, Baxter got into the giving spirit once he got comfortable in Santa's threads. The gift he gave D-backs fans? Free baseball! The D-backs took the Dodgers to 14 innings that night before losing, 7-5.