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Sibling rivalry from north of the border

Detroit is separated from Ontario by only the Detroit River. Torontonians and brothers John and Mike are from a little farther away than the border, but made the international trip to see the differing teams the two support in the World Series.

John is a Giants fan, and Mike is a Tigers fan, so it was only natural for the two to drive 3 1/2 hours to see both.

"I tried to bring him up the right way, and then he got confused with the luxury of La La Land, and we're trying to convince him that the Tigers are the way to go," Mike said. "That's why I'm bringing him here today."

Though Mike may have himself gotten a bit confused about La La Land and its location relative to San Francisco, it's clear John's overall fandom choices have a strong California flavor. "I've always been a big 49ers fan and in recent years I've jumped on the Giants bandwagon," he said.

The brothers noted that when their teams both made the postseason, they didn't believe it would end with the inter-family showdown that it has.

"As soon as we saw our teams were in the playoffs, we said we'll see each other in the World Series," Mike said. "I didn't think they would make it, he didn't think we would make it, and we're here."

"There's nothing like October baseball," John said, to which Mike added, "Absolutely."

Finally, something they can agree upon.

-- Dan Wohl /

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