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Reporter drops kid's souvenir in nachos, is generally having a tough day

We'd like to take a moment to celebrate one of the unsung heroes of the ballpark. This Pirates sideline reporter went through a minor crisis on Monday -- here's how it went down:

1. Grown man catches foul ball. Grown man, being a grown man, gives foul ball to a nearby kid. Kid, being a kid, mistakenly throws foul ball back onto field.

2. Heroic sideline reporter vows to get kid a new souvenir, procuring a second ball from Pittsburgh's equipment manager.

3. Sideline reporter drops ball in someone's nachos. He de-cheeses it and presses on.

4. ... only to discover that the original ball has already been returned to kid.

5. Sideline reporter half-heartedly presents new ball to grown man instead.

Here's to you, sideline reporter. We appreciate the effort. Now, back to your hiding place.

Sideline reporter

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