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In honor of Yoenis Cespedes, here are a few more all-time great outfield throws

Has your mind fully recovered from witnessing Yoenis Cespedes' incredible throw to home on Tuesday? In case you missed it, here's another look:

Yoenis Cespedes

Cespedes and his cannon have earned our utmost respect, but time is a flat circle and he's not the first professional baseballer to show off his hose in the outfield . Let's pay our proper respects to Cespedes' arm by remembering a few others who came before him ...

Jose Guillen - The Pirates outfielder couldn't make a snag up against the wall on April 27, 1998, but he made up for it as Neifi Perez tried (unsuccessfully) to turn the thing into a triple.

Bo Jackson - It's called "The Throw" because other adjectives simply aren't necessary. It looked like the Royals had surrendered a walk-off double to Seattle's Tino Martinez, but Bo threw out Harold Reynolds at the plate to keep the game alive.

Ichiro Suzuki - Speaking of the Mariners, maybe you've heard of this guy "Ichiro" and the cannon he used to throw Terrence Long out at third from right field?

Joe Ferguson - In Game 1 of the 1974 World Series, the Dodgers were trailing the Athletics by two in the eighth inning when Reggie Jackson hit a fly ball to center field that looked deep enough to score another run. But right fielder Joe Ferguson intercepted the fly ball and fired a 300-foot strike to the plate to end the inning and hold the deficit at two.

Vladimir Guerrero - t's not an outfield assist, but who doesn't want to watch Vlad show off his cannon by throwing the ball from the left-field foul line over the right-field fence at the old Yankee Stadium, more than 370 feet away?

So those are a few notables, but baseball history is littered with plenty of other outfielders who struck fear into opposing runners. Got a favorite memory of Roberto Clemente, Ellis Valentine, Rick Ankiel or someone else? Let's hear it ...