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Someone accidentally (accidentally-on-purpose?) asked Jason Castro to prom

Jason Castro via Twitter

Remember what it was like to be a teen? (Unless you are still a teen, in which case, please explain Kik to us.) Before you know it, it's time to ask someone to prom. Since this is the Internet Age, the more spectacular your prom-posal, the better. And if you can involve an MLB star, you definitely score extra points.

Or, you know what? Why not just ask a professional baseball player to be your date in the first place?

Sure, maybe Castro is right and this teen just put his Post-Its on the wrong car. Maybe he thought he was asking the other Jason Castro to be a musical guest. Or maybe he genuinely thought he and the Astros catcher would just have a really great time doing the cha cha slide. But sadly, it doesn't look like Castro will be breaking out the tux and renting a limo any time soon: