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Not even outfield walls can keep Steven Souza from making a catch/grabbing a mid-game snack

Souza makes running catch, flies into seating area

MLB's pace-of-play initiatives have been a resounding success so far, but that doesn't change the fact that baseball players spend quite a bit of time out in the field. It's the nature of the game, and part of its charm. Still, though, it's only natural that a guy might get a bit hungry now and again, standing in right field, away from the dugout and its buckets of bubble gum and beef jerky. 

So, when Rays right fielder/acrobat-in-training Steven Souza found himself sprinting toward the right-field seating section at Tropicana Field, he figured he might as well pop in for a snack while he's there:

Souza running catch

I know you're starved, but geez, man, did you really have to go face first? We're not pigs in a trough here. Just a little manners next time, OK?

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