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Sports, politics and 'Gossip Girl': A.J. Ellis queues up the DVR for a busy TV night

October 22 is a busy night on TV. Among the must-watches: Game 7 of the NLCS between the Cardinals and Giants; Monday Night Football between the Lions and Bears; the third debate between presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney; and, while this really goes without saying, "Dirty Rotten Scandals," the third episode in season 6 of the CW's teen drama Gossip Girl.

A.J. Ellis tweeted on Monday about the logjam, giving notice that he won't accept missing any of them. In years past, he probably would have only been able to watch one (Gossip Girl, I would presume), but thanks to the wondrous DVR device -- whose inventor deserves a high five, according to the Dodgers catcher -- that's no longer the case.

According to the Gossip Girl episode's summary, Leighton Meester's character Blair will be "feeling the pressure to make her first fashion show a success" and must "rely on help from an unlikely source when Poppy Lifton returns and offers to help, but some unexpected scheming causes a scandal on the runway."

I hope we get a follow-up tweet from Ellis saying whether he thought the NLCS, MNF or the debate lives up to that kind of drama.

-- Dan Wohl /

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