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All the wild places in which Marcell Ozuna, now on his way to St. Louis, has parked a home run

Just days after they narrowly missed out on Giancarlo Stanton, the Cardinals turned around and reached a deal for that other All-Star Marlins outfielder with some prodigious power: St. Louis has agreed to a trade to acquire Marcell Ozuna from Miami at the Winter Meetings, according to a source.

And while he might not be Stanton (really, who is?) Ozuna is capable of doing some awe-inspiring things to a baseball. He slashed .312/.376/.548 with a career-high 37 homers last year, many of which landed in some truly unexpected places -- and to help Cardinals fans get excited, we've compiled a brief list below.

Onto the top of the Marlins Park foul pole

William Tell became a legend for shooting an apple off of someone's head, but if you ask us, this is far more impressive: 


Yes, that managed to be both far and high enough to hit off the top of the foul pole -- a Statcast-estimated peak height of 118.4 feet.

Into the Marlins Park pool

Past the left-field fence, over the first few rows of seats, beyond the concourse -- and yes, of course someone went in after it:


In case you're wondering, no, he didn't regret it: 

Off the Miller Park scoreboard

If that seems like an extremely long way to hit a baseball, well, you're correct: According to Statcast, Ozuna's blast traveled some 462 feet, just to the left of his own face:


Even Giancarlo himself was impressed:


Off the Rays' 2011 AL Wild Card banner

Generally, sports teams hang their postseason banners from the rafters, far away from the playing field, where they can't possibly interfere with the action. The Rays are not exception ... except, well, Ozuna managed to find them anyway:


Someone make sure the Big Mac Land sign has some extra lightbulbs.