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Feel the love (and tears) when this staff sergeant comes home to surprise her dad at a Tigers game

Before Monday's Royals-Tigers game, Chuck VanGorden, who was celebrating his birthday, was brought on the field to receive a special video greeting from his staff sergeant daughter Melissa who was serving overseas. It was a nice moment that he could share with his family and the Comerica Park crowd. And then, right after the video of Melissa ended, Melissa appeared ... and dad lost it:

After the big moment, Chuck told Detroit's broadcasters he had no idea she'd be in the ballpark:

"None whatsoever. She took it to me. Big time ... totally [unexpected] ... She had it set up and it just, when it hit me, I knew the video was gonna be bad enough and then when I turned around and saw her ... that culminated the whole thing."

Check out the full interview with the two in the above video and learn how the entire plan was set into motion. Also, try not to cry yourself.