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Starting Nine: #BostonStrong

Many things are happening -- on Cut4, in baseball and out there in the rest of the world. Here are nine you need to know about today:

1. Surging Sox
The Red Sox have won five straight, and Wednesday's 6-3 victory over the Indians had them showing no signs of slowing down. Meanwhile, in Boston, the Bruins game featured one of the most touching national anthem performances  you'll ever see. #BostonStrong

2. Walk it off
Brewers pitcher Kyle Lohse didn't give up a hit through five innings, but he wasn't the story. Neither was the Giants' three-run 6th inning. This was the story.

3. Nine Minutes in Heaven
It took the Reds nine minutes to win a game on Wednesday. That means if you were watching the music video for Michael Jackson's "Bad," you'd have missed the whole thing.

4. No no-no for A.J.
A.J. Burnett was unhittable through six innings on Wednesday against the Cardinals. He eventually allowed a double to Cardinals outfielder Carlos Beltran but the Buc still came away with a 5-0 victory. Still, it looks like Burnett is getting the hang of those rosin bags, which is good for the Pirates.

5. But can she hit?
Hello Kitty threw out the first pitch in Wednesday's Dodgers-Padres game, and it was shockingly competent. Clayton Kershaw gave up three home runs and seven hits in 5 1/3 innings of work, so maybe Don Mattingly should have just left Ms. Kitty out there to start.

6. Let us gather 'round the table
The Cut4 staff discussed our favorite baseball scenes in non-baseball movies and The Naked Gun somehow didn't make the top four. Offended by that? Yell at us in the comments.

7. Mike Piazza is officially a (rehearsing) ballet dancer
We feel an obligation to keep you updated on this important story. The Associated Press does too. They went to rehearsal and got us some photographic evidence of Piazza's ballet turn. Just a couple more weeks until opening night …

8. The Lake Show extends its run
They did it. The Lakers made the playoffs. Sure, they don't have the Black Mamba, Vino or whatever Kobe's calling himself these days, but they have Dwight Howard! He made four out of ten free throws last night! How auspicious! Meanwhile, no one else in the NBA, such as the Warriors' Stephen Curry, did anything notable last night, like set the all-time record for 3-pointers made in a season, or anything.

9. It's Blitz! Or, Mosquito, I guess.
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' first studio album, Fever to Tell, came out ten years ago this month. Not only are they still relevant, they're putting out music that is just as subversive, weird and awesome as their debut. Their newest offering, Mosquito, dropped this week, and it's darn good.

-- Cut4 staff