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Starting Nine: Carlos Gomez to the rescue

1. The Reds were down to their last out when Carlos Gomez caught Joey Votto's would-be go-ahead homer to clinch the game for Milwaukee. Now this is clutch:

2. Not only did Zach Greinke strike out seven D-backs on Monday night, he also had a career-high three hits. That's a solid night for any two players.

3. The rosters for the 2013 All-Star Home Run Derby were announced Monday, and we reviewed some of the participants' greatest homers of the season. Remember this?

4. Hyun-Jin Ryu and Yasiel Puig communicate in the universal language of trash talk.

5. The Yankee Stadium grounds crew attempted to cover the infield with a tarp during Monday's rain delay. The tarp had other plans.

6. A no-decision against Cleveland on Monday means Detroit starter Max Scherzer didn't win a 14th consecutive game -- but he didn't lose, either. In Scherzer's honor, here are 14 athletes and cats who share his unique trait of heterochromia.


7. Beware of A.J. Burnett, rosin bags. The Pirates starter is a repeat offender.


8. Now that Pitbull is set to perform at the Home Run Derby, we have no choice but to post this video:

And also this one:

9. Hey, guys? Have you been wondering what Jay-Z's favorite cereal is? Yeah, us too.

-- Cut4 Staff