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Starting Nine: Feliz Día del Padre

1. Major League Baseball celebrated Father's Day on Sunday and several teams held Father's Day-themed events, like the Orioles, who invited Dads to play catch with their kids on the Oriole Park field:

2. Meanwhile, the MLB team with a name that translates to "Fathers" beat the D-backs 4-1 and moved above .500 for the first time this season. San Diego is now in fourth place, but only two games back of Arizona in the super-tight NL West.

3. In the same game, a home run hit by a Padre was caught by a fan dressed as a padre, in a game which, we'll remind you, took place on Dia del Padre. PADRECEPTION:

4. The Mets pulled off a ninth-inning comeback that was pretty nifty (if you're not a Cubs fan, that is). Down 3-0, the ended up winning on a three-run walk-off homer by Kirk Nieuwenhuis to win 4-3:

5. Someone as cool as Andrew McCutchen does not simply walk back to the base. He dances. And thanks to the wonder of GIFs, he can dance forever:


6. The Athletics held a Superhero Night and fans turned out with some amazing costumes. Plus, Oakland's pachyderm mascot finally revealed that "Stomper" is just the mild-mannered alter ego to his superheroic identity:

7. The debate between pro-wave and anti-wave activists has raged for a long time now. If you fall on the anti- side, you will definitely find some pleasure in this #WaveFail:


8. Father's Day is now "gone" (until next June), which makes this Song of the Day appropriate:

9. On June 4, Japan became the first non-host nation to qualify for the 2014 World Cup. By tomorrow (U.S. time), the fourth round of Asian Football Confederation qualifying matches will be done, and three more (out of Australia, Iran, Jordan, Oman, South Korea and Uzbekistan) will have punched their ticket to Brazil.

-- Cut4 Staff