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Starting Nine: Go, go, go, go Ichiro!

1. Hiroki Kuroda faced off against fellow countryman Yu Darvish during Tuesday's Rangers-Yankees game. Both starters allowed just three runs, doing Japan proud. But it was another Japanese player who eventually stole the show:

2. Oh yeah, there was also a Yu2 sighting in the Bronx:

3. CRUSH Davis

4. Pedro Martinez served free ice cream in Boston yesterday. Tell us that sentence didn't bring a smile to your face:


5. So it turns out Mariano Rivera might have a post-baseball career lined up ... with the Harlem Globetrotters.

6. Watch this fan catch a foul ball while chatting on his cell phone:

7. The Mothman Prophecies - Starring Craig Kimbrel and Alex Gordon

8. Don't mess with gorillas:

9. Twentieth Century Fox has announced that Independence Day II will be released in 2015. Sure, we hope Will Smith returns, but more importantly, is this guy still president?

-- Cut4 Staff