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Starting Nine: Viva Puig!

Many things are happening -- on Cut4, in baseball and out there in the rest of the world. Here are nine you need to know about today:

1. Are we going overboard on Cuban sensation Yasiel Puig? Maybe. But here's the thing -- when a guy follows up his stellar debut with a two-homer, five-RBI game, you really can't blame us for being a little effusive. Even Vin Scully can't contain himself:

2. The Red Sox crushed their way to a 17-5 win over Texas on Tuesday. Boston scored a run in each of the first seven innings -- including six in the second frame alone. Big Papi even turned in his first triple since 2011.

3. ESPN's "Outside the Lines" reported Tuesday that Anthony Bosch, founder of the Miami-area Biogenesis anti-aging clinic accused of supplying performance-enhancing substances to a number of highly recognizable players, has agreed to cooperate in baseball's investigation.

4. Relationship Advice: This is probably not the best way to react when a bat comes flying towards your wife's head.

5. Tuesday's Marlins-Phillies bout came to a dramatic conclusion in the 11th with a walk-off grand slam by John Mayberry -- the first grand slam of his career, and the first for the team this season:

6. In case you'd started to believe that Joey Votto isn't amazing at every single thing he tries, watch his badass Tiger Woods impression and restore your faith:

7. Fans of the Wilmington Blue Rocks were invited to bring their cats to the team's Purr in the Park Night on Tuesday. I can haz baseball?

8. This pregnant woman is both the Angels' #1 and #2 most dedicated fans:

Pregnant fan

9. You've seen the entire fourth season of Arrested Development by this point, but thanks to one insanely devoted Reddit user, you can now rewatch it -- edited into chronological order.


-- Cut4 Staff