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Starting Nine: What in the world is 'hashtag?'

Many things are happening -- on Cut4, in baseball and out there in the rest of the world. Here are nine you need to know about today:

1. Carl. Crawford.
I believe the periods are now a part of his legal name. They certainly should be after the outfielder led the Dodgers past the Padres 4-3 with a homer and a triple.

2. Gattis loves hitting homers
The Braves are looking good. Really good. They've won six in a row. When your cleanup hitter is an actual janitor, you're basically just trolling the rest of the league.

3. #Scully
Apparently, Dodgers broadcaster and national hero Vin Scully doesn't know what a hashtag is. Really, though, if Vin says they don't exist, they don't exist. It's out of our hands at this point.

4. Don't be a sell-out
The Red Sox record-breaking consecutive sell-out streak came to an end on Tuesday, concluding at 794 regular season games. Also coming to an end? Their two-game winning streak.

5. Project Runway: Uniform Edition
We talked about our favorite current MLB jerseys and what exactly makes them so great. None of us chose the Yankees. Doesn't that just make you so angry that you want to read it and tell all of your friends to read it too? I bet it does.

6. Speaking of jerseys...
Spandex. Front zipper. Utility belt. These one-piece unis never caught on, and frankly, we couldn't be happier. Michael Kors is with us on this one.

7. Take Me Out to VH1
Baseball and reality television have a wonderful, symbiotic history. Okay, fine, they don't. Jose Canseco did once wear a mini skirt though. That counts for something, right?

8. Kobe Bean
Whether or not the Lakers make the playoffs, this has been a defining year in Kobe Bryant's career. He had one of the greatest tweets of all time, he had a triple-double the night Shaq's jersey was retired and Wednesday night saw him put up a season-high 47 points alongside eight rebounds and five assists. 

9. Red Scare
If you're not watching FX's The Americans, you're sorely missing out. This week's episode perfectly captured the measured tempo and subtle devastation of television's strongest new series. Seriously, would you rather just watch it now, or wait 10 years for your friends to force you to watch it on Netflix? It's easier this way.

-- Cut4 Staff