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Starting Nine: Wil Myers, Rays go back-to-back-to-back

1. So much occurred during Monday's Blue Jays-Rays game. Tampa ended Toronto's 11-game win streak, Wil Myers made a fantastic Tropicana Field debut, Jeremy Hellickson allowed one hit through seven innings and -- oh yeah, the Rays did something they've done just one other time in franchise history:

2. Dom Brown, you're my hero:

3. Brewers pitcher Sam Fiers broke his arm and now thinks he's Henry Rulenfurter -- er Rowenhouser, gah, just look at the post.

4. Animals getting loose at baseball games will always bring a smile to your face, and this cat at a Minor League matchup is no different:

5. We know it's rare, but the Giants almost recorded four outs in one inning on Monday night:

6. Justin Verlander met a giant bobblehead of Justin Verlander. Wasn't that the plot of Inception?:


7. The greatest sign maker in baseball might be this kid from Oakland:


8. And now, a GIF of the Star Wars Cantina Band doing the Chicken Dance:


9. After defeating the Bruins 3-2 on Monday, the Blackhawks are Stanley Cup Champions for the fifth time.